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We are experts in the field of automation of logistics processes for the E-commerce market. We build logistics for B2C companies equally effectively, regardless of their size: the system we have built works in small niche online stores, and in large online retailers equally — just like Swiss watch.

We offer:

Access to the hundreds courier services through a single service.

One API-integration or transition to our CRM-system will give you access to proven courier companies of world level anywhere on the Earth. Our experts will choose the best company for your business tasks and will carry out integration. You pass the order information- we take care of everything else: from the warehouse gates to the client’s door.


We broke stereotypes about the business model of drop shipping. No detective in the world would guess that you are trading from the warehouse of your supplier. Earn money on your business without thinking about infrastructure.


To enter the international market in one day? It sounds like a fantasy only if you are not already working with us. Procurement, distribution, customs clearance, e-commerce fulfillment, last mile delivery — everything is already organized, developed and waiting for you.

Flexible analytics

Our ERP-system allows to observe the key logistics and business indicators of your project:

  • the time spent on packing the order,
  • delivery time,
  • speed of money transfer by courier service,
  • the efficiency of delivery of orders,
  • the turnover of warehouse.

More than 17 indicators are reflected in our logistics ERP module.

All clients can receive instant notification of the client: in case of any deviations from the normal indicators our robot will immediately notify you about the problems by SMS or Telegram.

That’s what we guarantee:

  • Delivery from 12 to 48 hours in all countries of Europe and Asia.
  • Preferential rates for delivery (10-15% below market).
  • High percentage of successfully completed orders.
  • NPS 75% +
  • Quick integration via the API
  • Service Level Agreement

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