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We do our best to make your contact center a standard of high quality customer service. Our main advantages are experts and experience. It’s impossible to buy experience, you can only gain it. And this experience allows us to achieve success in our business.

We build contact centers of any complexity and configuration. The more complex the task, the more pleasure we get from solving it. We are developing new models of remote maintenance. By investing the modern technologies and continuously researching the market, we generate ideas and create our own solutions for customer service.

We help our clients to find effective solutions for each project using the latest technologies and best world’s practices.

We offer

Inbound calls

  • Automatic customer identification by voice and phone number, providing operators with information from the customer base.
  • Providing operators with step-by-step interactive scripts designed for your business model.
  • IVR menu — robotic navigation and solution of client’s questions.

Outbound calls

  • We apply the best practices of hot and cold calls.
  • 5 seconds - this is how long it takes our service to call the client after receiving the application.
  • Predictive dialing — the robot itself calls customers. You don’t have to pay for the line ringing or failed calls, you pay only for the call itself.
  • Training of operators and providing tools to ensure high efficiency of calls and increase the conversion rate of outbound companies.

Transparent statistics

In the admin panel of our CRM system you can see everything you need to analyze the work of employees:

  • recording of conversations,
  • duration of conversations,
  • cost of conversations,
  • number of missed calls,
  • number of failed calls,
  • data on the effectiveness of calls in the context of operators, projects and departments,
  • online monitoring and reports on the work of the contact center via SMS and Telegram notifications.

Thanks to detailed analytics, our clients feel the basic metrics of their business «at their fingertips» and have the opportunity to make management and personal decisions based on numbers, not personal feelings.


  • IVR menu: reducing the costs of the contact center and the payroll, using the voice of the robot.
  • Automatic calls to the base with the possibility to work on the complex scenarios. For example, if customer’s answer to the question is «Yes», the robot can send a commercial offer to the customer’s email address entered in the database in advance.
  • Integration with your CRM and database.
  • Implementation of complex scenarios of multi-channel communications (Voice, e-mail, SMS, PUSH, chat-bots, Viber, WhatsAPP).
  • Auto surveys and questionnaires with the help of the robot.

Training of operators

  • development and testing of interactive scripts,
  • develops of distance learning programs for operators,
  • searching of personnel for specific business tasks,
  • development of KPI and motivation,
  • sales training,
  • training and professional development.

Audit of the contact centers

  • the collection and analysis of the key performance indicators,
  • qualitative and quantitative evaluation of operators’ work,
  • technical audit,
  • stress analysis,
  • development of recommendations and control of implementation of changes.

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